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Piano Lessons

piano instruction

  • Three formats for piano lessons:
    • Piano Band:
      • 3-4 students per group
      • Team effort without the competition
      • Learn, play, and grow TOGETHER
    • Buddy Lessons:
      • Best of both worlds!
      • 20 minutes individual instruction, 20 minutes with "buddy" to learn and play with
    • Individual Lessons:
      • Intended for more committed, advancing players
      • More formal instruction
      • Must have Mrs Carpenter's approval
  • All piano lessons emphasize musical skills in rhythm, note-reading, theory, technique and artistry.  
  • Skills will be taught not only through method books but also through fun games and activities.




Registration fees are $25 and will be due at time of registration.  (Registration fees are non-refundable.  These fees secure the student's time slot as well as helping to cover other studio costs such as printing, group lesson materials, website maintenance, etc.)  Tuition includes 40 lessons throughout the year--36 Piano Band, Buddy Lessons OR Individual Lessons + 4 large group lessons.  Cost is $984 per year making the monthly cost $82 per month.  Families may pay Mrs. Carpenter directly or use PayPal at their convenience.      



A CCC Music Studio Policies Document is available upon request.  Contact Mrs Carpenter for more details.